Our mission is to empower football fans worldwide with personalized news and live scores.
News sources
Our promise
In this modern day and age, we are constantly overwhelmed with a barrage of media influx and contradicting news reports. It’s nearly impossible to differentiate what’s true and what isn’t. News is supposed to be unbiased and trustworthy, but it so rarely is. Qlur’s algorithm does the hard work of evaluating thousands of articles to separate the ambiguous reports from factual ones. Qlur uses a tier system to flag every news article and its publisher to make sure that the user are aware of the authenticity and reliability of the news.
Our founding
Qlur’s humble journey began within our founder Nabin’s university dorm in the year 2020 to keep himself updated on what's happening around the world. He was a football fanatic and dreamt of a place where he could find stories about his favourite teams without much hassle. He was not interested in biased reports or soft think pieces. That’s where the idea for Qlur sparked.
Our goal
Qlur was founded by football fans and so we know exactly what you’re looking for. We aim to give you a personalized news feed that will show you exactly the kind of stories you’re interested in. We aggregate major news sites, from both international and independent media. Our dream for Qlur is for it to grow as a place where like-minded fans can come together to find out what’s happening in the footballing world.
Why the name "Qlur"
Qlur, pronounced as Klur, comes from the word "Colour". Sports is such a wide phenomenon and every country has its own. Teams are made up of a wide variety of talented individuals, often from vastly different walks of life. Each team has its own colour, its own spirit. Similarly, news stories show multiple perspectives and use an array of different sources to come up with its own unique report. We chose “colour” as the inspiration for our name to celebrate diversity. It’s also why we chose to have our colourful logo represent the four primary colours.
Nabin Sharma
Founder at Qlur
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